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Contract No./合同编号:  
Conclusion Date/签订日期:  
Conclusion Place/签订地点:
The Seller:
The Buyer:
    1.    This Contract is made by and between the Buyer and the Seller; whereby the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the under mentioned commodities (to be referred to as “goods” hereunder)to the terms and conditions stipulated below:
Name & Specifications
Unit Price
Total Amount (USD)
总价 (美元)
Total Value(Contract Price): Say in US dollars                                 only.
合计(合同总价):                            美元。
    2.Terms of Delivery/价格术语: FOB/CIF/CFR/           .
The term FOB/CIF/CFR/           shall be subject to the International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms (INCOTERMS, 2000) provided by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) unless otherwise stipulated herein.
除非本合同另有规定,价格术语FOB/CIF/CFR/          应适用国际商会制定的《国际贸易术语解释通则(INCOTERMS 2000)》。
    3.    Country of Origin and Manufacturers/产国和制造厂商
    3.1 Country of Origin:                    .
    3.2 Name of the Manufactures:                                        .
    Adress:                                                        .
    Tel:                         .
    电话:                                     。      
    The goods shall be contained or packaged in the manner usual for such goods and be suitable for ocean transportation.
    5.Shipping Mark/唛头
    The Seller shall mark on each package the shipping mark as follows:
      (                                )       . 
      (                                )
    6.Time of Shipment/装运时间
    7.Port of Shipment/装运港
    8.Port of Destination/目的港
    The Buyer shall pay the Seller the Contract Price on the following terms:
    10.1 Advance Payment/预付款
    The Advance Payment shall be        % of the Contract Price, i.e. in            US dollars, which shall be paid by the Buyer by wire transfer within      days after the Effectiveness Date of the Contract to the Seller’s Designated Bank Account according to the Contract.
     预付款应为合同总价的     %,即              美元。买方应在本合同生效之日起     日内,以电汇的方式将预付款汇至本合同规定的卖方指定银行帐户。
    10.2 Delivery Payment/交货后付款
    The Delivery Payment shall be        % of the Contract Price, i.e. in            US dollars,which shall be paid by a Letter of Credit (L/C). The Buyer shall, within         days prior to the scheduled Date for Shipment in accordance with the Contract, open an irrevocable L/C in favor of the Seller for the Delivery Payment in Bank of           and in form and content acceptable to both parties. All charges, costs, expenses and fees relating to the L/C shall be borne by the   Buyer. The L/C shall expire       days after the shipment in China and shall be available against the Seller's draft(s) at sight drawn on the opening bank for the value of the Delivery Payment accompanied by the shipping documents as follows:
    交货后付款金额为合同总价的     %,即         美元,应以信用证方式支付。买方应在本合同规定的货物装运日期前   天内,在    银行开具一份以卖方为受益人、金额为交货后付款金额的不可撤销信用证,信用证的形式及内容应事先经双方一致同意。与信用证有关的所有费用,由买方承担。信用证应在货物在中国装运后第    天到期。卖方应凭以下装运单据通过即期汇票向开证行议付交货后付款金额:
     (1)Full set of Clean On Board Ocean Bills of Lading;
     (2)Signed commercial invoice in       originals;
     卖方签字的商业发票正本    份;
     (3)Packing list in        originals issued by the Manufacturers;
    生产厂商出具的装箱单正本     份;
    (4)Under the term of CIF, full set of insurance policy/certificate;
    10.3 Balance Payment/尾款
    The Balance Payment under the Contract shall be       % of the Contract Price, i.e. in                      US dollars,which shall be paid to the Seller’s Designated Bank Account by the Buyer by T/T within          days after the Buyer has received the following documents from the Seller:
     本合同项下的尾款应为合同总价的     %,即           美元,由买方在收到卖方提交的下述文件之后     日内以电汇的方式支付至本合同规定的卖方指定银行帐户:
    (1)Commercial invoice indicating the Contract number and value of the Balance Payment in          originals;
    载明合同号及尾款金额的商业发票原件     份;
    10.4  For the purpose of the payment under the Contract, both parties confirm that the account listed below shall be the Seller’s Designated Bank Account, which shall be the sole account designated by the Seller for the receipt of the payment from the Buyer in accordance with the Contract.
    10.5 In case the Buyer fails to open the L/C within the term stipulated in this Contract, or the L/C does not correspond to the stipulations of this Contract, and the Buyer still fails to open or amend the terms of the L/C within       days after the receipt of the notification from the Seller, the Seller shall have the right to terminate the Contract or to postpone the delivery of the goods and shall also have the right to lodge a claim for compensation.
    如果买方不能在合同规定期限内开出信用证或开出的信用证不符合本合同的规定,且在接到卖方通知后   天内仍不能及时开出信用证或不能完成对信用证的修改使之符合本合同的规定,则卖方有权解除合同或延期交货,并有权要求赔偿。
    11. Delivery/交货
    11.1 The Seller shall deliver all the goods to the Place of Delivery on the Delivery Date   according to the Contract.
    11.2 If due to the Seller’s fault, the Seller fails to complete delivery of all the goods to the Place of Delivery on the Delivery Date, then the Seller shall be liable to pay to the Buyer liquidated damages in respect of such delivery delay at the Late Delivery Penalty Rate until such delayed goods is delivered in accordance with the terms of this Contract or the end of the Maximum Late Delivery Period, whichever occurs earlier. The payment of liquidated damages for late delivery of any Shipment shall not release the Seller from its responsibility to complete delivery of such Shipment.
    11.3 If such delivery delay extends beyond the expiration of the Maximum Late Delivery Period, then the Buyer shall have the right to terminate this Contract in part or in whole and return at the Seller's expenses all cancelled goods received from the Seller, and the Seller shall thereafter refund to the Buyer, within        days of the date of return of all such goods, all amounts paid by the Buyer to the Seller for the terminated goods.
    如果交货延误时间超出了交货延误的最长期限,则买方有权部分或全部终止本合同。如买方依据本条规定全部或部分终止本合同,则买方应将从卖方收到的合同终止部分所涉及的合同货物归还卖方,费用由卖方承担,随后卖方应在这些合同货物全部返还后的    日内,向买方退还其已收到的、与合同终止部分所涉及的合同货物相对应的那部分货款。
    11.4 All of the Buyer’s claims in respect of late delivery of the goods shall be handled solely and exclusively in accordance with the provisions of Articles 11.2 and 11.3 above.
买方就卖方交货延误而提出的所有索赔应完全按照上述第11.2 和11.3 条的规定处理,且排除其他救济措施。
    11.5 For the purpose of this Contract, both parties agree as follows:
    (1) Late Delivery Penalty Rate/交货延误违约金比率:
       % (    percent)] per [month/week/day] of the value of the delayed goods.
    迟延交付的货物价值的     %(百分之     )每[月/星期/天]
    (2)Maximum Late Delivery Period/ 交货延误的最长期限:
      days/weeks/months following the Delivery Date according to the Contract.
    合同规定的交货日后      [天/星期/月]
    12.Terms of  Shipment /装运条款
    12.1 Notification before Shipment/装船前通知
    At least        days before the scheduled Date for Shipment, the Seller shall send the Buyer written notice of all relevant shipping details, including date for shipment, description, quantity and approximate weight and size in the Shipment, and other information consistent with industry practice.
    卖方应至迟在货物装运日   天前,书面通知买方该合同货物装运的所有相关事项,包括货物装运日、货物说明、数量、大概重量及体积以及其他按照行业惯例应该提交的资料。
    12.2 Notification after Shipment/装船后通知
The Seller shall, within       days upon the dispatch of the shipment, advise by fax the Buyer of the Contract No., commodity, quantity, invoice value, gross weight, name of the vessel and date of sailing/arrival etc.
卖方应在合同货物装运后    日内,用传真通知买方合同号、货物名称、数量、发票金额、毛重、船名及启航日期/预计到达日期等。
    12.3 Within       days after the date when the vessel sets off, the Seller shall airmail one copy of each of the documents mentioned in clause 10.2 to the Buyer.
    在运载船只启航之日起   日内,卖方应将本合同第10.2条列举的单证的副本(各一份)航空邮寄给买方。
12.4 Transshipment is/is not allowed.
    12.5 Partial shipment is/is not allowed.
    13.  Guarantee/质量保证
    13.1 The Seller guarantees that upon Delivery all goods to be delivered by the Seller shall be completely new and shall comply in all material respects with this Contract.
    13.2 The guarantee period is within       months after the date of the completion of unloading of the goods at the port of destination. Within the guarantee period, the Seller shall remove all defects of the goods due to design, workmanship and improper material used either by repairing or by placing the defective parts or the goods on his own account.
     货物的质量保证期为自货物在目的港卸货完毕之日起     个月。在质量保证期内,凡因设计、制造工艺和所用材料不符合合同规定而产生的缺陷,卖方应自负费用进行修理或更换货物或部件。
    The Seller shall warrant that it has the lawful right to own or dispose the goods under the Contract, and that the goods shall be free from any right or claim of a third party based on industrial property or other intellectual property.
    15.  Inspection & Claims/检验和索赔
    15.1 In case the quality and/or quantity/weight are found by the  Buyer to be not in conformity with the Contract after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, the Buyer shall claim to the Seller, supported by survey report issued by the inspection organization,                                , with the exception, however, of those claims not due to the Seller’s fault and for which the Seller shall not take any responsibility, including but not limited to those caused by natural reason, the insurance company and/or the shipping company, or any other transportation entities。
    货到目的港后,买方如发现货物质量/数量/重量与合同规定不符,可以凭                (检验机构)出具的检验证明向卖方提出索赔。但卖方对于非因其自身过失所造成的损失,包括但不限于自然原因或保险公司、船公司或其他运输机构所造成的损失,不承担任何责任。
    15.2 The notification of claims for quality discrepancy should be filed by the Buyer within           days after arrival of the goods at the port of destination, while for quantity/weight discrepancy claims should be filed by the Buyer within          days after arrival of the goods at the port of destination. The Seller shall, within       days after receipt of the notification of the claim, send reply to the Buyer,or else the claims shall be reckoned as having been accepted by the Seller.
    对质量与合同规定不符的索赔通知须于货到目的港之日起    天内提出方为有效,而对数量/重量与合同规定不符的索赔通知须于货到目的港之日起     天内提出。卖方应于收到索赔通知后     天内答复买方,否则视为卖方已接受该索赔。
     15.3 The Buyer shall bear the inspection fees, however, in case the inspection results show the quality/quantity/weight discrepancy and the Seller accept the discrepancy, the Seller shall bear the corresponding fees if reasonable.
    16.  Force Majeure/不可抗力
    16.1 Either parity shall not be held responsible for failure or delay to perform all or any part of the Contract due to flood, fire, earthquake, drought, war, riot, strike, sanctions, government injunction or any other events which could not be predicted at the time of the conclusion of the Contract, and could not be controlled, avoided or overcome by the parties. However, the Party affected by the Event of Force Majeure shall inform the other party of its occurrence in written as soon as  possible and thereafter send a certificate of the Event issued by the relevant authority to the other party but not later than       days after its occurrence.
     任何一方对由于下列原因而导致不能或暂时不能履行全部或部分合同义务的,不负责任:水灾、火灾、地震、旱灾、战争、动乱、罢工、制裁、政府禁令或任何在签约时不能预料、无法控制且不能避免和克服的事件。但受上述不可抗力事件影响的一方,应尽快将所发生的事件书面通知对方,并应在事件发生后   天内将有关权力机构出具的不可抗力事件的证明提交给对方。
    16.2 If the Event of Force Majeure last over      days, both parties shall negotiate on the performance or the termination of the Contract. However, if the conditions or consequences of Force Majeure which have a material adverse effect on the affected Party's ability to perform continue for a period in excess of      months and the Parties have been unable to find an equitable solution pursuant to this Clause, the Contract shall terminate automatically.
如果不可抗力事件持续   日以上,双方应就继续履行或终止合同事宜进行协商。如不可抗力事件或其影响持续超过   个月,且双方无法按照本条的约定达成一项公正的解决方案,则本合同自动终止。
    17.Receive & Preservation of Goods/货物接收与保全
    17.1The Buyer shall take all reasonable acts in order to enable the Seller to make delivery and shall take over the goods.
    17.2In case the Buyer has received the goods and intends to reject them for the discrepancy of the goods, the Buyer must take reasonable steps to preserve the goods first and then give the notification of claim to the Seller in accordance with the Contract. Any losses and damages incurred for the failure of the Buyer to take reasonable steps to preserve the goods shall be borne by the Buyer.
    18.  Arbitration/仲裁
    18.1 Any or all disputes arising out of or relating to this Contract shall be settled friendly through negotiations between the parties. Should no agreement be reached through negotiation, the dispute shall then be submitted for arbitration to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission which shall be conducted in accordance with the rules in effect of this Commission at the time of application of the arbitration. The arbitration shall take place in Beijing and the award of the arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties.
    18.2 During the course of the arbitration, the Contract shall be performed except for the part under arbitration.
    19. Governing Law/准据法
    The conclusion, validity, interpretation and implementation of this Contract shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.
    20. Effectiveness/合同生效
    The Contract shall come into effect immediately when it is signed by duly authorized representatives of both parties.
    21. Amendment/合同修改
    This Contract shall not be changed verbally, but only by a written instrument signed by the Parties.
    22. No Publicity/合同保密
    The existence of this Contract, as well as its contents, shall be deemed  Confidential Information, and shall not be disclosed in whole or in part to any person or entity, except (i) that such disclosure has been permitted in written by the Parties in advance,  (ii) to officials in relevant government departments pursuant to the requirements of Applicable Laws, (iii) in order to fulfil any conditions precedent to the effectiveness of this Contract, (iv) for the purpose of the performance by a Party of its obligations or exercise of its rights hereunder or relating hereto.
    本合同的存在及其内容应被认为属于保密信息,不得向任何人或实体予以全部或部分披露,但在下列情况下所作披露除外:(1) 经合同当事方事先书面许可;(2)依据有关法律向有关政府机构的官员披露;(3)为了满足本合同的生效条件;(4)一方为履行其于本合同项下或与本合同相关的义务或行使其于本合同项下或与本合同相关的权利。
    23. Notices/通知
    23.1 Any notice or written communication provided for in this Contract by either Party to the other, including but not limited to any and all offers, writings, or notices to be given hereunder, shall be made in     and delivered in accordance with the other party’s particulars first set forth above by hand, by courier service delivered letter or by facsimile.
    一方依据本合同规定向另一方发出的通知或书面函件(包括但不限于本合同项下所有要约、书面文件或通知)均应以     语制作,并应当面递交相应一方,或按本合同首页所载联系方式以专递信函或传真送达相应一方。
    23.2 Notices shall be deemed to have been delivered at the following times:
    (1)if by hand, on reaching the designated address and subject to return
receipt or other proof of delivery;
    (2)if by courier, the       Business Day after the date of dispatch; and
    如果是以专递信函方式送达,为递交日后的第      个营业日;且
    (3)if by fax, upon the next Business Day following the date marked on the confirmation of transmission report by the sender's fax machine, indicating completed uninterrupted transmission to the relevant facsimile number.
    23.3 During the Term, each Party may change its particulars for receipt of notices at any time by notice given to the other Party.
    24. Miscellaneous Provisions/其它
    24.1 Assignability/可转让性
    This Contract may not be assigned in whole or in part by any Party without the prior written consent of the other Party hereto.
    24.2 Severability/可分割性
    The invalidity of any provision of this Contract shall not affect the validity of any other provision of this Contract.
    24.3 Entire Agreement/全部协议
    This Contract and the Schedules and Annexes hereto constitute the entire agreement between the Parties hereto with respect to the subject matter of this Contract and supersede all prior discussions, negotiations and agreements between them, including but not limited to                           
    本合同及其附录和附件构成双方就本合同标的达成的全部协议,并且取代双方之间此前就该标的进行的所有磋商、谈判以及达成的协议,包括但不限于                          。  
    24.4 Schedules and Annexes/附录及附件
    The Schedules and Annexes hereto are made an integral part of this Contract and are equally binding with the main body of the Contract. In the event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of the main body of the Contract and the Schedules or Annexes, the terms and provisions of the main body of this Contract shall prevail. The Schedules and Annexes to the Contract are as follows:
    本合同的附录以及附件为本合同不可分割的部分,并且与本合同正文的条款具有同等效力。如果本合同正文的条款与附录以及附件的条款有冲突,以本合同正文条款为准。本合同附录及附件共包括如下       项:
    24.5 Language & Text/语言及文本
    This Contract is made out in Chinese and English, both of which are of the same legal effect. Where any inconsistency occurs in account of the interpretation of these two texts, the Chinese text shall be deemed superior.
    IN WITNESS THEREOF, each of the Parties hereto has caused this Contract to be executed by its duly authorized representative on the date first set forth above.
    For& on behalf of                          For & on behalf of
    甲方:                                     乙方:                         
    Name:                                      Name:                           
    姓名:                                     姓名:                         
    Title:                                     Title:                          
    职务:                                     职务:                         
    Signature:                                  &nbs, p;      Signature:
    签名:                                             签名:









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